We're continuously updating our park with new and exciting obstacles. check out some of our selection below and there expected install date. Our obstacles will be continuously rotated through the park to ensure a continuous supply of fresh lines.

Please note, obstacles can only be ridden by competent riders using a personal or pro board.

Batch 1 - Installed from opening

Cheese Wedge

The cheese box is the perfect beginner obstacle for learning to jump. The variable gradiants and 0.8m make it a forgiving obstacle suitable for all styles of riders. We also have a removable centre section to make it into a larger jump box.

Slide Box

The first step in learning to grind is always a box. The gentle on ramp and wide surface area make this an obstacle you'll always be hitting

Ollie Barrel

Simple but effective, there's no better way to improve your skills then perfecting your ollie.

Batch 2 - Coming soon after launch

Spine Kicker

More air time and more tricks. Our spine kicker will quickly become your favourite obstacle to learn new tricks on.


Step up your grinds with our long tube.

Batch 3 - TBC

Transfer Box

Endless lines and combinations, the transfer box is an classic obstacle you will never get bored of.

Skinny Rail

Test your balance and your nerves on our extra long, skinny rail.

XL Kicker

Boost to the moon with our XL kicker. 

Be sure to check back regularly for any new and special features we might add. We've got big plans!