Is the water clean?

Yes! Our pond is fed by fresh water from the Thu Bon river meaning there is a constant supply of clean water in the pond. We also test are water quality regularly to ensure there's no nasty surprises

Is there any weight or health restrictions?

Due to the limitations of our equipment we are unable to accept riders over 95kg. Riders must also be in good physical health with no back, neck or heart conditions.

Is the water cold?

No! Due to the small size of our lake it's very quick to heat up in the mornings and stays warm all year round.

Can I wear glasses?

Unfortunately due to the risk of hitting the water you are unable to wear glasses while wakeboarding

Can I use my own board?

Yes! We encourage riders to get their own gear and make wakeboarding a regular activity. We offer boards for sale in our pro shop.

Can I do a backflip?

If it's your first time wakeboarding you will not be able to ride the obstacles. Once you've demonstrated the necessary skill level our coaches will be on hand to guide you through hitting your first kicker.

Can I wear my GoPro

We do not allow users to wear their own GoPro due to the hazards involved but we do have specially designed action cameras available for hire.

Is it hard?

Although wakeboarding can seem hard at first it is very quick to get used to and we're confident you'll see progress through the session.

Can I share my session with friends?

We require that one session is booked per rider, if this has been done you can share time within these sessions however you want.

Will I get wet?

Although wakeboarding takes place on top of the water it is highly likely you'll fall in the water a few times while getting used to it.