About this session

This session is great fun and a real workout! It's aimed at beginners (12+) to try out riding our 2 way cable. We offer 2 packages, a 15 minute taster session or a 30 minute lesson

What is a 2 tower cable?

On a 2 tower cable one rider continuously circles back and forth between two towers. if a rider falls the cable stops and returns to pick the rider up and carry on. This is different from the full-size cable system that you would have to share with other riders. With a full-size system, when you fall, you will have to swim to the bank and walk back to the dock and wait for your turn. This means that it would take you longer to learn and a session at a full-size cable therefore is much longer. 

Group bookings

Wakeboarding is a great activity to do with friends. although the cable can only take one rider at a time, if you book 2 or more back to back sessions you can share the riding time within that however you want.

What's included?

Note: if you want to use the obstacles, you will need to use a pro wakeboard, which is not included in the price. Pro wakeboard is available for hire. Please see our prices page for full detail.

Requirements to take part

This session has basic requirements to participate to ensure the safety of you and other customers and staff.

Participants must be:

For full details of our requirements and Code of Practice.

What do I need to bring?


Please see our prices page for full detail.